Looking For Unique Event in Russia? Let’s Try “Taste of Moscow” Here

taste of moscow eventTaste of Moscow is a unique event where upmarket and popular foodies served as a sample, while some other foodies make stunning signature dishes from the latest, greatest, and most popular restaurants in Moscow. Taste of Moscow offers both bazaar and opportunities for either your business or your taste.

Whether you are a gourmand who loves culinary innovation, a sucker for authentic culture and beautiful presentations, or a foodie with a taste for tradition, Taste of Moscow will provide you an extraordinary platform from which you can interact with fellow food enthusiast as well as try more than 30,000 popular foodies.

The festival showcases Russian food culture through numerous dining experiences with a lot of distinct themes of modernity, culture, art, and tradition.

Gastronomy in Moscow

Do you know what gastronomy is? Gastronomy is the study of preparing and appreciating good food. In recent years, Moscow has been known for having gastronomy trend within its citizens, with new bars and pop-up restaurants which offer you equal measure of delicious fare and outstanding presentation. Russian cuisine is rich in both history and carbs, though it is often underappreciated. However, in Moscow, a wealth of delicious local and international options await to satisfy any craving, whether it be Russian salad, Russian pickles, smooth pour-over coffee, or something stronger.

Taste of Moscow Festival

The Taste of Moscow festival is part of the Taste Festivals line of world festivals. The most popular and interesting restaurants of Moscow and famous chefs from Russia and Europe will gather at the Taste of Moscow festival site to present their signature dishes to thousands of visitors and true gourmands. The Taste of Moscow festival promises to be a unique event and a real celebration of taste in the life of the capital. Visitors of the Taste of Moscow festival will get a special opportunity to taste food and drinks from 30 restaurants and bars of the capital and purchase high-quality and unique products from more than 150 food facilities or companies participated at an open market.

You can also enjoy a variety of drinks and foods, have fun at master classes which provides about 200 interactive sites with the help of the best chefs all over Russia and Europe. Taste of Moscow has already won the love and trust of the most selective audience. The success formula of the festival is simple: an exceptional combination of food quality from the best restaurants, the presence of top chefs, a variety of delicacies and drinks, and an amazing atmosphere of relaxation and entertainment.

What to Expect at Taste of Moscow?

  • Foodie Heaven
    Foodie heaven is a truly unique event where upmarket and popular foodies are served for visitors. There are also stunning signature dishes from the latest, greatest, and best restaurants in Moscow.
  • Exciting Environment
    You can expect a great mix of high-quality food and drink brands as well as exciting entertainment, all set in beautiful surrounding on the best venues of Moscow.
  • New Benchmark
    The Taste Festival which is the original creator of Taste of Moscow festival has set a new benchmark for food and beverage events worldwide, and now remarkably established as The World’s Greatest Restaurant Festivals. In 2019, this festival in Moscow will be held for the 7th

About the Festival

Taste of Moscow festival is both an international festival of the best restaurants and high lifestyle. It is a long-awaited event for those who appreciate and love exquisite high-quality food and have a taste for premium items. Over the 14 years of its existence, it has gained recognition and popularity throughout the world and this is not surprising even today, The Taste of Moscow Festival has been held in Moscow since 2013, and today it occupies a worthy place in the global line of Taste Festivals and is very popular among visitors and participants. The participants of Taste of Moscow are first-class restaurants, outstanding chefs, companies that represent the best products, beverages and premium goods, as well as services for the sophisticated public.

List of Participants and Sub-Events

  • 30 best and most popular restaurants in Moscow;
  • More than 100 first-class chefs from Russia and Europe have been known for their famous specialties, as well as their ability to present an exclusive menu specially designed for the Taste of Moscow festival;
  • Taste Market which provide more than 150 companies representing their brands and products, which can also be purchased such as: Gourmet Market (delicacies), Farmers’ Market (farm products), Beauty Market (personal care products), Home and Design Market (interior items, accessories, gifts, dishes), and much more;
  • Taste Universe which is a segment of culinary travel and exploration of new countries and continents;
  • There are more than 200 interactive sites, cooking classes, and tastings. You can learn to cook with a professional chef or learn culinary secrets of skill;
  • Entertainment program which shows performances of young musicians and famous artists, theatrical performances, special performances, and jazz-lounge;
  • There are also special playgrounds for children.

Helpful Tips to Brand Owners Participated in Taste of Moscow Festival

  • Present your brand to an interested, targeted audience ,and tell about its benefits;
  • Strengthen your brand’s authenticity;
  • Present your new items and talk about them;
  • Conduct tastings, sampling, demonstrations, and consultations in the process of live communication with your consumers;
  • Provide your products for master classes by famous chefs;
  • Learn firsthand about the consumer preferences of the visitors and conduct marketing research;
  • Organize your own promotions such as prize draws, contests, quizzes and attract the attention of numerous festival visitors to your company;
  • Replenish your customer base;
  • Direct sales of your products or services to the sophisticated consumer.

By far, Taste of Moscow has gained a “folk festival” atmosphere, overriding the initial purpose of the event, and contributing to the well-being of Moscow residents. If you are looking for a unique event while visiting Russia, try to consider Taste of Moscow.

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