Let’s be Familiar with Zhostovo Painting

Are you interested or even like painting? Among the many types of paintings, which one do you like the most? Do you prefer paintings with traditional styles or paintings in a modern style?

All over the world, there are many types of paintings. Each painting made by painter usually has its own meaning to be conveyed. The painting was painted with various painting media.

Actually, paintings cannot only be a display. There are several paintings made with painting media that can also be used in everyday life. Then what about the paintings in Russia?

If you are interested in the types of paintings in Russia, let’s be familiar with Zhostovo painting.

Painting is a very beautiful work of art. Painting usually be an ornament or become collectibles in a gallery of paintings lovers. In fact, a beautiful painting is not only found in the painting on canvas only. There are several objects that have beautiful paintings and also have uses in everyday life.

Every country in the world has a characteristic in the paintings made in the country. A characteristic that makes people know where the painting came from. Also included in Russia.

In Russia there is a handicraft that also has very beautiful paintings. Crafts it also originally had other functions besides be on display in the room. Even though this modern era, the handicraft is back to being an indoor display. The craft was called Zhostovo painting.

Maybe there are still many people who don’t know about Zhostovo painting. Therefore, in this article we will discuss Zhostovo painting and let’s get familiar with Zhostovo painting.

  • About Zhostovo Painting

Zhostovo paintings are a handicraft in ancient Russia made by local people. Zhostovo painting made on a metal tray. This painting is already famous in the world because of its unique style of painting.

Zhostovo painting appeared in the early 19th century. Zhostovo is still related to painting techniques using porcelain and enamel media. Zhostovo painting usually use the theme of wildflowers in Russia. Maybe when you visit your family, friends, relations or work colleagues who live in Russia, then they treat you with fruit from a black metal tray, you might eat the fruit served using a metal tray that has Zhostovo paintings.

  • The History of Zhostovo Painting

All matters relating to Zhostovo originated from a city on the outskirts of Moscow in the early 19th century. At that time, many workshops were established by craftsmen who produced many items made from papier mache and then varnished using paint. The first workshop was opened in 1825, even though it had not yet produced Zhostovo.

Zhostovo painting is traditionally made. Zhostovo painting design when it was made still freely. Even so well known, Zhostovo painting had experienced a difficult period from 1920 to 1930. This was due to changes in art from Zhostovo without considering the folk art that was originally used in painting Zhostovo.

  • About Making Zhostovo Painting

The way of making Zhostovo paintings still uses traditional methods. Zhostovo painting is made using metal tray media coated with primer at first and then lacquered with oil which is usually black. The process is carried out several times using a soft brush and oil paint diluted with linseed oil. The tray is baked using a special oven in the manufacturing process and then left overnight.

The motives in Zhostovo paintings often use motifs with the theme of wildflowers, weeds, gardens and other things related to nature. The edges of the tray are painted with ornaments that use bright gold colors. When finished, the tray is covered with a light lacquer layer three times and polished to brilliant.

  • The Uniqueness of Zhostovo Painting

Zhostovo painting craftsmen make their work using their own style. The motif of Zhostovo painting that developed at that time was dominated by fruit paintings, nature, flowers, people’s sights and other things related to nature.

Something that makes Zhostovo painting unique is that it was painted on a tray. This also made Zhostovo paintings have a characteristic when compared to other types of paintings, although at first this was only the development of existing techniques. Zhostovo paintings from the very first have their own style and cannot be compared to similar handicrafts.

  • School for Painting Zhostovo

In the past, Zhostovo paintings had experienced a decline in interest. Therefore, Zhostovo craftsmen opened a local school dedicated to training young Zhostovo craftsmen in 1940. The young craftsmen were trained and then developed in their own way in the tradition of painting Zhostovo. The local school has a teacher who is also a well-known painter Zhostovo.

At present, there are only seven people in Zhostovo painters around the world. And they are artists from the family generation of Zhostovo painters. The works of Zhostovo painting craftsmen or painters are stored as national treasury items. It also exhibited in major national museums in Russia.

  • Zhostovo Painting in Modern Times

Zhostovo painting is still alive in this modern era. There are a lot of improvisation performed by young craftsmen in order to produce a brilliant Zhostovo painting. Although there was improvisation in the manufacturing process, Zhostovo paintings still applied a black background which was the traditional color of the painting.

In the past, Zhostovo painting tray was usually used as a household item that was used daily. Now Zhostovo craftsmen are able to turn the tray into a work of art with a level that is enhanced and has meaning.

And maybe there are still some of all matters relating to Zhostovo painting that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out about all matters relating to Zhostovo painting and let’s get familiar with Zhostovo painting.

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