How to have a perfect shaped body like Irina Shayk

perfect shaped body like irinay shaykWhen it comes to Russian supermodel, your mind will easily refer to Irina Shayk. She has been become a model for a decade. At 32, she had mastered what it takes to keep her body in perfect shape. Especially after she gave birth to a daughter she had with boyfriend Bradley Cooper.

If you’re aspiring for a body like Irina, you are lucky because Irina doesn’t hesitate to share her secret. These are what you can do to achieve and maintain a desirable physique as Irina has. Feel free to steal her beauty secret.

1. Eat clean food

Irina grew up with her mother and grandmother’s cooking of Russian food. She appreciates food so much and doesn’t understand why people think that models don’t eat. She likes to eat all kind of food and sometimes she indulge herself on some junk food, like chicken nuggets, French fries, and burgers.

She admitted that she is blessed with good genes. She can eat a lot and stay skinny, thanks to her high metabolism. However, lately, she began to eat a lot of vegetables, steamed fish, and other clean food. She eats salads and soups to balance her junk eating. If you follow her Instagram, you can see that she often shares what she eats. Her favorite food though, is the one from her homeland, the classic Russian pancake blini, and Russian dumpling pelmeni. Do you know that there is some Russian food good for losing weight?

2. Work out a lot

Although Irina is naturally skinny, she still needs to work out especially to get a more toned body. She does boxing and martial arts Jujitsu. She likes boxing because it also helps her release her stress. In one interview, she mentioned going boxing whenever she wakes up angry. As for Jiu Jitsu, she likes it because she can try various move combination. It’s constantly challenging for her and made her exhausted every time.

She also does typical gym cardio work out. She has a love-hate relationship with cardio, but like everybody who wishes to stay in shape, she also has to do it. When traveling, she always makes sure to bring sports outfit so she can exercise everywhere. She keeps it simple while traveling, doing simple barre moves which don’t require a lot of space and equipment.

3. Drink an organic protein shake

Irina drinks an organic protein shake routinely. A protein shake is a good source for protein and consumed by athletes and bodybuilders to refuel muscle after doing sports. A protein shake can get your body to gain more muscle mass without consuming much calories and fat. It can help you stay full and maintain healthy body weight.

4. Snacking healthy bites

Irina tries to switch her snacking habits with healthier options, she opts for dry mango and kefir. You can steal this secret too. When you crave something crunchy between meals, pick a healthy snack instead of chips or fries. Baby carrots, nuts such as almonds, dried fruits, or an apple is among the options.

5. Religiously doing skincare and haircare

Irina’s beauty essentials are L’Oréal Paris Youth Code Day & Night Cream for her daily skincare. She has dry hair, therefore she applies L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Hair Oil every night. Your skincare regime might be different from Irina because everyone has different skin and different products work differently on each person. However, her key is to be consistent in your beauty routine. Do it every day and you’ll see a great benefit in the long term.

6. Use coconut oil for moisturizer

Irina is a big fan of coconut oil. It is one of the best moisturizers out there, according to her. She uses it right after the shower, when her skin is still damp. After she wipes the oil from her skin with a soft towel.

7. Wear sunblock

The UV rays are the biggest enemy of the skin. It causes wrinkle, aging, spots, and dry skin. Irina advises using a high SPF sunscreen anytime you are about to head outdoors. The skin on the face, neck, and hand, are the most exposed part of our body. So never forget to apply sunblock on those areas first.

8. Use ice cube in the morning

It’s one of the common beauty hacks to apply ice cube in the morning. The purpose is to reduce your swollen and puffy face. Irina is also one of the women who swear by this method. After wake up, take an ice cube from your fridge and gently pat them to your face. It’s one of the Russian famous beauty secrets.

9. Russian steam bath

Irina Shayk is a Russian woman at heart. Like many other Russian women, she believes in the benefit of a sauna or steam bath. She even goes regularly to a dedicated place for Russian steam bath even when she’s living abroad. According to many, the Russian bath has the benefit of cleansing and detoxing your body, can help you lose weight, good for your skin, and also the calming effect.

10. Beauty on the inside

Irina Shayk believes that women also need to nurture their inner beauty aside from the superficial side. She likes to read, her favorite is Dostoevsky’s. If you want to copy her reading habits, check out the list of Russian literature you must read.

Ready to follow Irina Shayk’s beauty routine? A recommendation, check out some organic Russian beauty brands. Russian organic products are getting popular lately. It has become one of the beauty trends in Russia.

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