Here are 7 Delicious Russian Pork Dishes

russian pork and potatoesRussia is a country with rich cuisine. Beside the dairy products, Russia is also known as a country with meat dishes. Russia has several dishes containing meat, from lamb meat to pork meat.

For some people who like to eats pork, maybe want to taste the Russian cuisine contains of pork. There are many pork recipes in Russia that you can get in some restaurant in all over Russia. Pork dish also became an Old Russian Cuisine as Part of Their Culture. Usually the pork dish will serve with the wine that popular in Russia. For you that love to eat pork, here are 8 delicious Russian pork dishes you can try while in Russia:

1. Pork Kebabs

This dish is one of the healthiest staple foods of Russian cuisine that are famous among the visitors in Russia. Pork kebabs are a dish like sate in Asian country with some vegetables. This dish also called as Shashlik. This dish is popular for a summer meals. If you can’t imagine how it looks, you can imagine a meat skewers cooked over a charcoal or woods. It has a tender and juicy meat with some vegetables completed this.  Originally, shashlik is made of lamb, but it also popular a pork shashlik or also called as Pork Kebabs. This dish can be mentioned similar with barbeque because it has a stew meat and vegetables.

2. Pork with potatoes

The next dish is also become the most favorite Recipes for Russian People. This dish can be considered as a simple dish that everyone can made at home. What you need to make this pork dish is the pork and potatoes as the main ingredients, then onion, cheese, tomato and some spices. This dish is a form of pork with vegetables that make you feel like at home. Most of the Russian traditional household serve this dish as their Old Russian Cuisine as part of their culture. It also a simple recipe that become favorite for the bachelor because it doesn’t need much tools. You only need the oven to burn the dish.

3. Russian Pork Cutlets

The other Russian pork dish is Russian pork Cutlets that made like patties. To make the patties, it needs pork, egg and some spices like garlic and black pepper. It has a soft texture in the inside but crunchy on the outside. It usually serves with mash potatoes and creamy sauce made from butter and spices. Russian love to eat this for dinner and this is also mentioned as the healthiest staple foods of Russian Cuisine. If you visit Russia, you may get this dish in local restaurant around the country.

4. Pork Chops and Potatoes in Sour Cream

This dish actually is other shape from the second dish above. The different is that this dish has more rich seasoning since this dish not only cook by burn it with oven. You have to cook this with a stabile heating and good preparation. The other difference is that this pork chops are swim in sour cream that makes you can’t resist eating this mouthwatering Russian pork dish. If you are in Russia, you may want to taste this dish or you want to make it yourself at home.

5. Pork Pelmeni

You may be familiar with this dish. Pelmeni is one of the most popular Russian dishes. Commonly, this pelmeni was filled with lamb or beef meat. But there are also others filling, such as pork. The way it makes and serves are similar with other pelmeni. But it has differen taste due to the different filling. This dish also become a popular late night meals in Russia since it has a refresh taste and can be serves in any occasion.  If you want to taste this dish you may buy it in some restaurant or make it yourself with a simple recipe same as the other pelmeni. This dish is also popular among bachelor and students because it has a low budget and simple recipes than the other dish. If you are in Russia, make sure to try this delicious dish before leaving.

6. Russian Pork Borsch

You sure are known about this dish called Borsch. This dish is most popular dish among other Russian dish all over the world.  Beside the simple of the recipe, the familiar taste that this dish offer makes you can resist to eating this. Russian makes the Borsch with some kind of meat such as lamb, beef or pork. Pork Borsch is also famous as a meal in Russia. The juicy pork stir in a soup of bit and fresh cabbage must be so delicious especially eating with family or lover. This dish is also popular as a dinner staple since it gives a warm taste. Some people also love to enjoy this dish accompanied by wine or vodka. If you taste this complete with the vodka you will get the best experience in eating Russian dish.

6. Russian Piroshki

This dish is also famous in Russia. This dish actually considered as snack. This is dough filled with meat and some vegetables like mushroom, onion and garlic. The meat that used in this snack also varies, from beef to pork. This dish is deep fried in a medium heat so it becomes crunchy and juicy in the inside. If you love to have snack in the middle of the night or in a really could day, you can eat this Russian Piroshki filled with pork meat. Also, you can serve this dish with sour cream sauce or other kinds of sauce. This dish will be a great snack to enjoy while you gather with your family or friend.

Finally, here are 7 delicious Russian Pork Dishes that you can try while you visiting Russia. Even if you are not visiting Russia, you still can cook all of those dished at home by yourself.

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