Best Indian Cuisine Restaurant in Moscow

jagannathDoes Indian Cuisine remain as good in a foreign country? This question often arises when you have a taste of Italian, Asian and Indian food in Russia. Do the dishes differ from if you eat Indian food in India?

The elephant has four legs, Indian food has four pillars. They cannot be replaced, it is useless to change them. They have significant dishes of paneer(cottage cheese), curry spicemasala tea, and a Kurd, pure and undefiled. Therefore, it is safe to say Indian food in Russia is just as tasty as it in India.

Indian cuisine in Moscow

If you have time, visit some of the most visited places by tourist among the many Moscow restaurant or their late night restaurant for 24 hours meal services. Moscow is even a home for much Halal Restaurant for Muslims. You can get any kind of food aside from the traditional favorite recipes for Russian people, at any time and anywhere.

Among them, Indian cuisine stand out to be spicy, have many herbs and cultural. There is something authentic like you entering a different world in any Indian restaurant in Moscow. Here are some of Moscow’s Indian cuisine restaurants that even remotely resembles the original Indian taste.

  1. Jagannath

Indian cuisine here has a diverse menu that fits for vegetarians, vegans, and adherents of HLS. Jagannath is a city in India that has a custom of preparing 56 different dished four times with a very strong spiritual reason. This Indian restaurant takes that lavish food culture to their name and restaurant.

Moscow’s Jagannath has a cafeteria feel where you can to warm up the food in a microwave. The place has the spirit of the new age and esoterica ambience with Indian music in the background. Their famous menu includes lentil dal-makni, malai-kofta, and curry.

  1. Darbars

You will like walking into an Indian Palace coming to this restaurant. Their massive furniture, chandeliers, ceiling upholstery create a rich and grand Indian house. They even got the right smell of spices, ingredients, and hospitality.

If you ever go to India, this feeling comes back to you in Darbars restaurant. There are tow Darbars in Moscow. You can find this restaurant in Pokrovka street and Leninsky Avenue. People coming here can have an amazing Indian cuisine with a panoramic view of Moscow.

  1. Life of Pi 

This place as a retro interior that very appealing. You enter the open space with pleasant multi-colored half-light in a Euro pop-Hindu-lounge-loft psychedelic style. “Life of Pi” offers a glamour eatery in Russia among the popular and famous restaurant in the capital city of Russia.

Their Indian chef Radzhandara Singh is so popular that his name only can make a crown in the restaurant. He is the Messiah of Indian cuisine. Their signature dishes include Garlic-cheese nan (bread with cheese and garlic), and also lassi from Moscow yogurt.

  1. Ganga Kafe 

Russia has some vegan recipes to try on aside their many meaty dishes that highlight their nature. However, Indian cuisine is famous for their vegetarian dishes and you can easily have them in many Indian restaurants. Ganga Kafe they prepare food in the old traditions which imply the intention of cooking a meal is to spread your wings.

In general, Ganga’s cuisine contains quite simple dishes that you can find in any part of India. It includes Sabzhi, Paneer, Samsa, and curry.

  1. Devi Cafe

The cafe itself is inside on the People Friendship University campus and has a very student friendly affordable cost. Visiting many universities in Moscow besides appreciating history, Russian architectural and education also a great place for some cheap food.

The restaurant prepare Thali sets and business lunches pitched to meet student budgets. Therefore, it gains amazing response to people around it. The menu has a good range of well known Indian dishes and has a decent Chinese section.

  1. Khajuraho Indian Restaurant

Take deep-fried starters like pakora, samosa, and onion bhaji, add caramel-colored sweet masala chai in this restaurant. It serves authentic Indian cuisine flavors with a Bollywood music and Kama Sutra sculptures interior ambiance. It contributes to the restaurant popularity among people that long for Indian food in Moscow.

The restaurant has a uniquely Indian romantic, fresh, fragrant, richly spiced Indian food on an above-average budget. Moreover, It also has a great wide selection of vegetarian options.

  1. Thali & Dosa

Although things can be pricey in Moscow, there are many inexpensive restaurants and also low budget meals in this capital city. Hence, this restaurant is a very good example. It has a rustic brown interior with a splash of India on the corners. Therefore, their Indian cuisine is no doubt very healthy and mouthwatering. Don’t forget to try their famous chicken masala to truly experience the best food in this place. It is a simple place with a rich authentic Indian food.

  1. Dalla Masala

There are many popular cuisines in Russia, and the Indian cuisine in this place just might entering that list soon or already. This is a new Indian restaurant in town with affordable prices, which is a rare thing to find in Moscow. The focus of their menu is on mixed rice biryani dishes with various topping. Therefore, you can choose either chicken, mutton or vegetables. Their traditional Indian cuisine such as mutton vindaloo, chicken curry, and tandoori grill dishes is a must try dishes.

  1. Maharaja

The word Maharaja means King, which explain this restaurant so much. You can dine like kings in this place. It highlights the most common and tasty Indian cuisine, the curry. In addition, it has English spoken waiter that tend well to tourist constumers. The interior and its furniture look modest with a touch of beautiful items of furniture such as screens, chests, and frames here and there that give the place a certain charm.

  1. Gandara Indian Restaurant

You will affectionate toward their Indian dishes. Each of their plates has a unique and special touch of India. Therefore, you can taste it from their spices, herbs and a great time management of cooking. You can come to this place has a very amazing Indian experience.

  1. Jay Hind

Most of the Indian restaurants have bright interiors to go down well with the theme of India, which is usually symbolized with vibrant colors, great food, and lively dances. Therefore, in a way it resembles the Russian culture of coming together talking, eating and dancing. Therefore, many Russian can relate to Indian culture. This famous Indian restaurant offers those things in addition to the royal charm of the west. You can find this restaurant not only in Moscow but also in Saint Petersburg.

From tandoori chicken to mutton barra and paneer malai kofta to sarso da saag, Indian restaurants are a huge hit among Russians and foreigners. In addition, These restaurant owners are confident enough that the spicy in their Indian cuisine will serve more palates in the days to come. Moreover, the spicy Indian food is very popular among all age groups of Russians. It also describes how Moscow become more welcoming and diverse in terms of food and culture.

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