8 Beauty Rules of Russian That You Can Copy

beauty rules in russiaRussian women are renowned for their beauty and style. Just look at the street style in Moscow, you’ll be provided with endless inspirations when it comes to fashion style. Women of all ages go out form their home as if they will attend a fashion show or parties. Russian women do take fashion seriously to their heart.

On the other hand, Russian women are also known for their hard work to maintain and preserve such beauty. The secret of their long flowy hair or their gleaming and radiant skin is a knowledge passed from one generation to another. The beauty of Russian women just doesn’t come with merely “good genetics” or luck. It is also because of hard work and self-discipline. Like in muscle building, their motto is “no pain no gain”.

It is true everywhere in the world. Beauty requires a set of routine and practice to maintain them. Russian women have certain rules for beauty. You will soon learn about them in this article. It’s a list of … beauty rules of Russian that you can copy. After you apply these secrets, enjoy gradual improvement you can feel in your body.

1. Russian Bath

A Russian steam bathhouse is called Banya. It’s like a sauna, only not as hot and there are many different rooms in a Banya. When you go to banyas, first you go the hot room. Steam at the hot room opens your pores and let out toxin from your body. You’ll feel hot and sweaty. After, you co to the cold room to shower, wash out all the sweat. Then you go back to the hot room to repeat the process.

Banya has also a spa element on it. Following a session at the hot and cold room, you will have some kind of message where your body is smacked all over with wet branches. Commonly Russian women use branches from birch or oak trees. A bundle of twigs and leaves is dipped into cold water and then slapped to the body.

Russian bath is not only good for detoxification and making skin supple. It is also a treatment for weight loss. Banya is believed to remove the water weight of the body. Hence it will lead to a slimmer body.

If you want to have a Russian bath like the Russian ladies, go to nearby sauna from your home. There might be no Banya near you, but the sauna will also do wonder. The principle is the same, to make you hot and sweaty. If it’s hard to find a sauna where you live, a warm shower is an alternative.

2. Ice caps

As the country of winter and snow, it is not surprising if Russian women use ice as a part of their beauty regiment. Ice works perfectly to reduce swelling on face especially after waking up. Not only it shrinks your face from its swollen just-wake-up state, but it also has a lifting effect and diminishes skin dryness.

Many prominent Russian figures swear by this ice treatment. In the past, Catherine the great is known to have this ice beauty ritual every morning. She would put ice on her face and neck soon after she wakes up. Russian model Irina Shyak also a big fan of putting ice after wake up.

3. Exercise

Exercising is important, and women in Russia wholeheartedly believe that. Physical exercise build beauty from the inside. Many go to the gym regularly, keeping both their health and vitality intact. Russian people also walk a lot, hence why they are slim and fit. You can definitely copy this beauty rules not only for the beauty benefit but also for your overall health in general.

4. Makeup

Most Russian women believe in presenting their best self every time they step out of the house. Hence why makeup is a must at every occasion. Interestingly, natural makeup is a no-go in Russia. Russian women are famous for wearing heavy makeup even in broad daylight (not only when going to clubbing). For some, this may be too much, but that’s just what they are.

5. Before bed beauty routine

There’s no way a Russian woman will go to sleep without putting off the makeup of the day first. Going to bed with makeup on is a bad habit, especially after the makeup mixed from pollution and dirt. Hence that’s why cleansing is important. Russian women do their night beauty routine as religiously as Korean women. Their beauty routine is thorough and can be long.

6. Natural ingredients

Natural Russian beauty recipe is a beauty knowledge passed throughout generations. Russian use natural ingredient a lot for skin care and hair care. They use ingredients such as honey and yogurt to make their skin supple. Nowadays, using natural ingredients is very convenient since there are many natural and organic beauty brands in Russia.

7. High heels, metallic look, and tight clothing

Women in Russia generally like to wear a specific style. When visiting Russia, especially big cities, you will notice that Russian women love high heels a lot. Another characteristic is their fondness toward metallic colors such as gold, silver, and platinum. In hindsight, Russian women like everything glam and bling.

Many Russian women wear tight clothing. This is to accentuate their figures. Russian women are also able to wear miniskirts even in freezing winter! Steal their look here.

8. Nettle for hair care

Russian ladies put heavy emphasis on the importance of beautiful flowy hair. To get an enviable hair, the stinging nettle is a popular ingredient as a hair mask. The plant has many beneficial substances. It contains antioxidants which help fight damaging compounds bad for your hair. It increases blood circulation and inhibits DHT, the hormone that causes baldness.

So those are the 8 beauty rules of Russian that you can copy. You can add them now as a part of your beauty care. Enjoy!

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