All You Need to Know About Russian Baklava

Are you among those who like to eat desserts? What types of desserts are your favorite?

Almost everyone really liked the desserts. Its sweet taste and attractive appearance when served will certainly increase people’s appetite to eat it. It is often the food that cannot be missed.

Among the many types of desserts that exist throughout the world, have you ever tried Baklava? What is your impression when you first try to eat it? Or for those of you who have tried Baklava, have you ever tasted Russian Baklava?

For those of you who still feel unfamiliar with Baklava, let’s look at all you need to know about Russian Baklava.

All over the world, each country has a typical dessert from that country. Desserts that can remind people of the country they have visited. The taste of dessert is what often makes many people return to the country. The taste of desserts served in their home country sometimes feels very different, right?

Desserts are not always served cold, some can be served hot. It will not reduce the sweet sensation of the desserts we eat. Even that will give a different taste.

Of the many types of desserts that exist throughout the world, have you ever tried Baklava? Or even you are still unfamiliar with Baklava desserts?

Maybe there are some of you who have eaten Baklava and some have never tried it once. There are also people who have tasted Baklava from a country but have never tried tasting Russian Baklava. Many people may still be wondering about what is a Baklava, what is the difference between Russian Baklava and Baklava in other countries.

To answer your little curiosity, in this article I will discuss all you need to know about Russian Baklava.

  • What Is Baklava?

Baklava is a dessert included in the type of pastries. Baklava usually contains a lot of beans which are chopped in a layer of cake and served with honey to add sweetness. In the past, this was once a dessert that was only served by the rich and noble. People often enjoy Baklava with a cup of hot tea or hot coffee.

If you find out about Baklava, you will find several countries that also have desserts in the form of Baklava. In fact, there are indeed many countries that re-make Baklava recipes and make them as recipes for that country. Of course, the Baklava made by a country with others has a slight difference, whether it’s in terms of taste or how the Baklava is made and eaten.

  • History of Baklava

If you find out about the history of Baklava, you will be a little confused. This is because there are many countries that have Baklava-shaped desserts. Included in Russia. But actually, where did the Baklava come from?

Many believe that Baklava originated in the Middle East because of the distinctive characteristics of the dessert. However, Baklava actually came from the Ottoman Empire. It appeared around the 15th century. In the past, Baklava was presented to please officials, the rich, and nobles. So, this dessert is said to be a luxurious dessert.

Baklava was first made in the royal kitchens around the year 1473. It is made of thin dough layers were then given the chopped nuts. This thin dough sheet is called Phyllo or Fillo, which has leaf meaning in Greek. This dessert was made by cooks from a country that was conquered by the Empire.

  • About Russian Baklava

The baklava we know today is included in modern Baklava. Also includes Russian Baklava.

The baklava in Russia is actually a recipe for Baklava which reaches Armenia. Even so, Russia Baklava is still included as a part of the Ottoman Empire. Many people say if the travel history of the recipe for making Baklava is as interesting as the history of the silk route.

The recipe for making Russian Baklava from his home country to reach Armenia comes via the Spice and Silk routes. In making Russian Baklava, the recipe for existing Baklava is added cinnamon and clove. The spices added to each recipe make Baklava usually adjust to the country that adapts the recipe.

  • Difference Between Russian Baklava and Baklava from Other Countries

Every dessert that comes from a certain region usually has a difference from similar desserts from other countries. Likewise, with Russian Baklava. There are Armenian influences from the way of making Russian Baklava.

Russian baklava gets extra cinnamon and cloves in Baklava recipes made in Russia. This is what makes the taste of Baklava in Russia slightly different from the taste of Baklava in other countries. The addition of this spice was because Armenian traders in the Ottoman Empire were found on the Eastern border on the Spice and Silk Routes.

  • About Serving Russian Baklava

The way to serve Russian Baklava is almost the same as serving Baklava in general. It was served when Baklava was still warm at room temperature and given a sprinkling of fine powdered sugar on top. You can also add syrup or honey on top of the Russian Baklava you have tasted. It will increase your appetite.

When enjoying Russian Baklava, you can also enjoy it with a cup of hot coffee or hot tea. If in the past Baklava was included in a fancy dessert and only served on certain occasions, you can now easily enjoy it. In this modern era, there are already many sellers offering Baklava online so you can buy it anytime.

And maybe there are still some of all you need to know about Russian Baklava that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about Russian Baklava.

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