Getting hungry at midnight? Here are 24 hour food delivery in Russia

pizza sushi wokYou can’t ever tell when the stomach is hungry yet you don’t want to go out, discover the benefit of using food delivery in Russia. Russian has some of the healthiest cuisines. You can dine on savory stews and soups, fried cutlets, buttery potatoes, and more when you browse learning Russian cuisine. Things are different when you want something to eat late at night. You can dine in among many late night restaurants in Moscow or check out popular late-night restaurant in Saint Petersburg. Moreover, you can just get a food delivery into your house.

24-hour food delivery in Russia

The food delivery is another online service that continues to show steady growth and even provide 24 hours services. The benefit of working together from both restaurant and delivery services has welcome many fans and subscribers. The combination of network, resources and, expertise is the latest trend of business in Russia. Here are some reputable and well-known food delivery in Russia.

1. Grow Food

The company at first offers food delivery to athletes on a subscription basis. Then more various customer start ordering their long list of healthy dishes. Their service available both in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, which expansion plan to Krasnodar, Kazan, and Yekaterinburg and other Russian cities. Grow Food delivery home cook meals with the highlight of Russian vegan food. Therefore, you can set assure this company delivers fresh and great food.

2. Food Panda

Food Panda is a combination of companies Russia’s leading food delivery service with over 2,500 restaurants in Russia. Moreover, It also plans to reach 50 countries in the future. The food delivery service works together with many restaurants. You have wide range choices from an inexpensive restaurant, Halal restaurant, or even late-night restaurants. Therefore, you can easily ask them to bring your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant.

3. ChefMarket

The Moscow-based food delivery offers a trial delivery without subscription for a weekly delivery of fresh ingredients with recipes for your dinners. It brings you fresh ingredients to cook yourself. Moreover, it gives customer freedom to arrange their own menu.

The difference of this delivery compared to other food delivery is their weight lost menu. The food that helps you lose weight is put together by the best chef working together with weight loss expert. This course is a collaboration with French nutritionist doctor Pierre Dukan. The ingredients and recipes claim to lose 5 kg extra weight per month on average.

4. Foodfox

It is easy to get high-quality restaurant meals to your doorstep in 45 minutes or less. Foodfox reinvents food ordering by working closely with best restaurants and providing fast, transparent and reliable delivery. This food delivery started delivering in Moscow city and expanded its delivery services coverage over time. Their services also come with an online website and Foodfox app on iPhone or Android.

5. ZakaZaka

There are over than 2,600 connected restaurants and 126,000 orders in this 24 hours service food delivery. ZakaZaka claims to be the second player in the Russian food delivery market. Their services also include a mobile app that makes it easier for anyone to order. Especially if you want to eat but don’t want to go out. It is a solution for a late night dinner at home with restaurant menus.

6. Ginza Delivery

This food delivery service tries to win costumers over with lots of promotional ads. There are points to redeem from registration to their apps or website. In addition, there are much bonus with extra discounts for many various kinds of orders. They provide various food in collaboration with popular restaurants in the area. Moreover, this delivery service also provides gifts and flowers delivery. Moreover, beside delivery foo,d they also deliver groceries like vegetables, fruits, and other products. Their service is 24 hours a day around the clock.

7. Yandex.Eat

Yandex is one of Russian famous shopping online service and their expansion business into food delivery services called Yandex.Eats. It connects hungry consumers with restaurants with an easy efficient method for receiving food delivery from nearby restaurants within 30-35 minutes. Like other food delivery apps in Russia, Yandex.Eats has an easy-to-navigate app, available in 24 Russian cities with 6500+ restaurant options. The most important feature is their 24 hours service to serves all day and night long.

In addition to their long list of features, is the concept of the ‘Dark Kitchens’ where several partner restaurants share space to prepare food for delivery by Y.Eats. The bright yellow branding food service filled the streets of Moscow, with the delivery team cruising all around the city on scooters.

8. Munchery

This food delivery specializes in Russian dishes. It is a great way to have a taste of true Russia flavors with their authentic natural ingredient and spices. It claims to serve delicious, all-natural, chef-crafted food, precisely where and when you want it. Therefore, you can expect around the clock service with the best result. It literally tries to serve various mealtimes, take-out, home cooking variety as their specialty.

9. Pizzasushiwok

The very first food delivery is the worldwide pizza delivery. You can’t miss out a chance to try out this Italian famous dish in Russia. One of the most popular websites and food delivery in Moscow is Pizzasushiwok. As the name suggests, it’s a classic Russian combo of Japanese and pizza. Apparently, among the most likable things for Russian people have is both of these dishes. The site gives great food delivery option with easy payment methods. Moreover, delivery is free in the Moscow area for orders over certain amounts.

10. Yakitoriya

This Asian based food delivery service offers good-quality Asian food and fusion. Their English-language website makes it easier for foreign traveler in Russia to make an order and use their websites. Their best famous dish is sushi which is the number one popular order for customers. It is an option among other food available to bring right in front of your doorstep.

Moscow now has a whole service for meeting the need for easy shopping, whether its clothes, books or the basic need as meals and snacks. There are online websites and food delivery that allow you to order and pay either online or by cash after your food arrives at your front door. Moreover, many of these services are available not only in Russia but also in English. It is another reason for traveling to Russia and never worry about what to eat and where.

That late night craving is an easy problem by using these numerous food delivery service available in most big cities in Russia. They have many great features, English spoken officers and apps to cater to the need of foreign traveler. Do the proper search, have detailed info on the food and your place of stay to ensure a fast deliverance. Moreover, ordering during rush hour, it is wise to place orders in up to an hour and a half in advance.

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